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Gender Friendly

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We are a
Venture Builder that creates, grows & launches disruptive companies that harness technology, data science solutions and platforms to transform organizations and evolve humanity. 
In Abraxas Ventures we develop and invest in companies from Idea to Launch, empowering founders and team members to reach its potential with the support they need to focus on growth and objectives in order to be successful.

Abraxas people

We believe in personal and professional development to be key ingredients to create and launch successful and impactful technology companies.

abraxas future
At Abraxas we embrace change. We trust that the constant evolution
of ourselves as company is a testament and a natural response to
the way the world evolves.

abraxas play hard work harder
Within Abraxas, everything is set up in orden to promote excellence in
our ventures, our teams and our people. Our office spaces provide a
place for open communication, knowledge transfer and community

abraxas animals
In Abraxas we use an animal nickname or alias for our internal online
communications. Once you become part of any of our teams or ventures,
you need to choose an animal that represents you and with which you
are comfortable being referred as.