fbpx FAQs | Best Place to Code



What kind of organizations can be a "Best Place to Code"?

Any organization that has collaborators who create or manage information technology. The most common organizations are companies dedicated to building software, and technology-based startups, but “Best Place to Code” is open to corporations and organizations from any industrial sector. Nowadays software is key for all types of organizations, so just about any organization could have the interest to be a Best Place to Code.


Does the program cost anything?

Yes, first you must acquire a survey, and when a company receives a passing score, it must cover the cost of membership to be part of the program.


How long does the membership last and how is it renewed?

Membership lasts for one year. At the end of that year, the survey is shared again (free of charge) and if approved, the renewal of the membership can be paid to extend for another year.


Who participates?

The Best Place to Code certification is "bottom-up" which means it must be disseminated openly within the company, and though responses from managers and administrative personnel are accepted, we require a minimum number of responses from technical personnel.


What is asked in the survey?

The questions in the survey are available at https://bestplacetocode.com/about/cuestionario


What happens if my company does poorly on the survey, who will find out?

We only communicate to the general public when a company accredits the evaluation and becomes a member of the program. We do not publicize when a company does not pass, we simply give them the results (without personal data) so that they can use it as a diagnosis and improve, so they can be evaluated again the following year.


It is our company policy not to participate in evaluations and these types of surveys, but we want to be A Best Pace to Code.

Sorry, for now, the only way to become a Best Place to Code is through an evaluation that includes a survey.