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What is Best Place to Code?

What is Best Place to Code?

Companies that know the value of software know the value of the people who build and maintain it.

For some years now, companies have created or transformed their cultures and hiring practices to attract and retain technical talent.

Best Place to Code seeks to recognize the companies that are spearheading this change and to share their best practices.

First and foremost, "Best Place to Code" is a seal of quality. A registered trademark by Software Guru, it accredits organizations that have proven to be an attractive option for software developers.

What is a “Best Place to Code” company?

A company that has accredited to be a “Best Place To Code” is an organization dedicated to the creation of software (or has a technology department) that meets the following evaluation criteria:

  • Compensation
  • Diversity and equity 
  • Professional development
  • Culture
  • Infrastructure

It is important to note that Software Guru manages the criteria with which the organizations are ranked. In addition, we define the categories and questions, consolidate the data and ensure that the answers come from valid, real participants (not robots, for example). And most importantly: we guarantee the anonymity of the survey participants.

Who decides if a company is a “Best Place To Code”?

An organization’s individual contributors evaluate each company. That is, Software Guru does not decide on the ratings. It is the individual contributors who make the final decision on a company’s rating.

As a software development professional, working at a BP2C company gives you many benefits. Mainly, it guarantees you are at a great workplace, in addition to knowing that you are not the only one who thinks that your company is a BP2C (several colleagues must have had similar opinions as you).

About the ranking

Based on the surveys, we draw up a ranking of companies that have successfully accredited “Best Place to Code”.

To make the comparison fair, we have decided to organize the ranking according to the company type and size.

The ranking is determined as follows:

The initial grade is generated from the median of the scores provided by the employees at each company.

The first tiebreaker is the visibility that each company gives to the survey on social media, allowing us to mitigate that the survey has not been completed by just a few people.

The second tiebreaker is the number of employees who answer the survey, the more the better.

We invite you to make any suggestions about our process or the survey itself. And if you want your company to be a “Best Place to Code”, contact us and we will get in touch to go through all the steps.