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Bitso’s story begins with the inception of Bitcoin. In 2008, an anonymous person or group of people released the Bitcoin White Paper, hoping to disrupt the world of finance and swing the pendulum back into the hands of the people. For too long, power, data and wealth have been controlled by a select few. Bitcoin was the first step in redistribution.

In 2013, a group of visionaries came together to start Bitso and bring cryptocurrencies and the idea of decentralization to Latin America.

At Bitso, we’re working to revolutionize finance and liberate the world from traditional banking. This is what drives and motivates us every day. To achieve our goal, cryptocurrencies must be simple to use and even easier to access. Our company builds products that reflect these values.

Over the last five years, Bitso has built a company of over 200 people which continues to grow and have presence across 25 different countries. And we’re just getting started!

How will we be successful?

1. Our people. It is all about our team and the people that form it. We take pride in the quality of our teams. We’re convinced that we’re working with the most driven, intelligent, and passionate people in the crypto space. Our goal is to #MakeCryptoUseful 

Our engineering team

2.   Over the years, we have decided to adopt technologies that will help us push forward towards our objectives. 


  • We began using React almost two years ago. It has given us flexibility and agility when developing our products, and has enabled us to develop the building blocks to create something scalable. It’s also backed by a huge international community and by leading tech companies. 
  • We launched the first version of our mobile app back in 2017, convinced about the power of mobile devices to truly advance our vision to improve financial inclusion around the world. We are developing on the two native platforms, Android and iOS, to offer the best user experience to users. 


  • Our backend systems consist of a constellation of Java services powered by technologies such as Spring Boot, Micronaut, and Protocol Buffers, among others, running in a Kubernetes environment managed by our DevOps team. Our development process requires every line of code to be peer reviewed, which eliminates the problem of having obscure code that only one person is familiar with; extensive automated unit and integration tests are essential to our development and deployment cycle.
  • For data storage, we rely on PostgreSQL and Redis, which enable consistent, reliable and fast processing of large volumes of data.

Data Science

  • At Bitso, we use R and Python because we believe in the power of open source software and the vibrant communities that are developing tools through them. Also, we’ve seen how they enhance the capabilities of our team and offer a very friendly experience. 

Working at Bitso you will be able to embrace your freedom, drive change and be human! 


How can an engineer grow at Bitso?

"At Bitso, I strive to have a clear path for individual contributors and managers and the mechanisms they need to reach their next step. For me, I want all engineers to feel like they can grow at Bitso in any direction they wish" - Joel Salazar, VP of Engineering 

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Visit our open positions at www.bitso.com/jobs.