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Intelimetrica is a product development company that leverages machine-learning and artificial intelligence to help its clients transform digitally and build core analytical competitive advantages. We make simple out of complex and provide the tools you require to turn information into useful and applicable knowledge. Our scope knows no borders or limitations.

Our company helps industry leaders innovate and disrupt markets through the advanced exploitation of data and the development of proprietary technology and products. Intelimetrica enables its clients to build unique solutions that are end-to-end, original, and transformative.

Time and again we’ve proven our worth because we have pioneered real-estate, financial and logistic analytics in México and LatAm. The experience we’ve acquired has kept us as innovation leaders in these markets. And we’re coming for more. We have aggressive expansion plans to grow to new industries and countries.

Our team is comprised of cross-functional, highly skilled people, which has allowed us to work in different industries. Moreover, the variety of academic and professional profiles ensures our ability to approach business challenges from different perspectives. By allowing complete freedom to propose new ideas, we can achieve creative, innovative and powerful solutions to your needs.

At Intelimetrica, we seek to have fun and learn by designing and creating great products using cutting-edge analytics, state-of-the-art technology, and an incredible customer experience.