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Hello! We're Tango!

We're a digital agency that specializes in speeding up the development process for modern web and mobile products.

We believe in the power of innovative ideas and their social resonance when backed-up with technology. They can change the world or make it simpler. They can help diabetes patients with their medications, or guide a lost driver in the night. We provide the technology to back up these ideas with a partnership mindset. Doing our bit for the world in each project we work on.

By working at Tango (formerly TangoSource), you can expect to be challenged, to work hard and learn fast; you are going to develop your skills and increase your knowledge. And the best part… you are going to help bringing innovative ideas to life.

If this sounds like your next adventure, please come join us!


Partner Connection, our major strength

We took the word “tango” from the popular Argentinian dance not just because it’s sexy and you kinda look cool with a rose in your mouth but because of its main principle, the partner connection.

Without a great partner connection, you can’t dance a good Tango. If you are too far, it breaks, if you are to close, you step onto your partner's toes (ouch!). So, the connection has to be symmetrical, balanced; both parties have to keep their individualities but perform as a whole, moving in the same direction, with the same objective.

We translate this Tango principle to how we relate with our clients, co-workers, and community; always aiming to create passionate partnerships, delivering deep value, awesome experiences and helping others to develop their potential and embracing different points of view.


Purpose, Ownership & Growth

We believe that in order to stay motivated, everybody needs to have a purpose, that thing that sparks their internal flame; ownership of its responsibilities, time, and tasks; and opportunities to grow, to be better at what you do or in something new.

  • Our purpose: To bring innovative ideas to life. Hence, you can be working in a Health App that is going to improve a person’s quality of life, helping a family to buy the house of their dreams or working with an entrepreneur to solve a problem that has never been solved.
  • We are avid learners who are constantly looking for ways to improve our skills and increase our knowledge. Each TS employee has money and time stipends to spend on learning activities, like reading books, taking courses, attending conferences, creating new apps or having one-one coaching or pair programming sessions.
  • We know everybody has their working preferences so we provide flexible work hours and the ability to work remotely or from one of our locations. Also, we know that people make decisions differently, some need time to reflect and others need to talk in order to organize their ideas so we try to provide the opportunities and environment for everyone to feel comfortable.


Tango Team


Lean Startup & Honest and Open Communication

“Fail Fast, Succeed Faster”.

We are not afraid of failing, we embrace failure and learn from our mistakes.

We believe in open and honest communication at all levels.

Clear objectives and an exciting vision are essential for the survival of a company. Apart from our daily standups, we have All Hands Meetings, where the CEO and department heads share their vision, company, and projects’ status, so the whole team can be on the same page, rowing in the same direction.


We love to Geek out!

We believe the sum of our individualities strengthens the company. So, we are passionate about what we love, what we like and what we enjoy doing. With this mindset, we have built a diverse team with interests not only for games and technology (we do love games and technology!) but for sports (CrossFit, marathons, mountain biking, you name it), carpentry, NGOs, photography, music, interior design, among other cool things.


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