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Make impactful products come true through code

Imagine working on meaningful projects that help people thrive, smile, or improve their lives. Now, picture yourself working on those projects alongside amazing teammates at a company with a great culture. Join Tango and make it real!

If this sounds like your next adventure, please come join us!


Why Tango?

We believe in the power of innovative ideas and their positive impact on people’s lives when backed up with technology. We believe a pack will always get better results than a lone wolf. That is why we are committed to helping doers, entrepreneurs, and companies who want to make a difference and bring value to the world to create digital products.

By working at Tango, you can expect to be challenged, to work hard, and learn fast; you will develop your skills and increase your knowledge.

If this sounds like your next adventure, apply here! 

Partner Connection, it takes two to Tango.

We named the company Tango, inspired by the main principle of this famous Argentinian dance: the partner connection.

Without an excellent partner connection, you can't dance a good Tango. The connection needs to be symmetrical, balanced; both parties maintain their individuality, but perform as a whole, moving in the same direction, with the same objectives.

We translate this Tango principle into how we relate to our clients, co-workers, and our community. 


Everybody should feel motivated in their work.

We believe that in order to stay motivated, everybody needs to have a purpose that ignites their internal flame; ownership of their responsibilities, time, and tasks; and opportunities to grow, to be better at what they do, what they love (or in something new, why not?) Hence, we work hard to provide these three conditions to all our teammates. If you are looking for something like this, send us a note to talent@tango.io


Let's Geek Out together!

We are proud of who we are and what we love. We respect and look after others and believe the sum of our individualities makes the world a richer and a more exciting place.

With this mindset, we have built a diverse team with interests not only in games and technology (we do love games and technology!) But for arts, sports (CrossFit, marathons, mountain biking, you name it), carpentry, NGOs, photography, music, interior design, among other cool things. Join us now and meet some really interesting people.