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Density Labs is a technology product development company specializing in rapid development of mobile, and web, SaaS, and enterprise software applications.

As reflected in the Robert Half 2020 Salary Guide, soft skills have become ever more important in hiring talent. No individual contribution is greater than the collective team, which means that hiring candidates who ”play well with others” and have the soft skills to collaborate and inspire their teammates is critical to success (or at the very least, enhances velocity by minimizing potential conflicts and distractions).

Since our founding in 2016, Density labs has been fortunate to grow our business organically through our valued clients. Our experience has shown that an intense focus on the soft skills of the candidates we place has been a consistent factor in our growing list of customer projects.



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A New Perspective

As we all enter into this new decade the need for new technology solutions and ideas fueled by amazing software will continue to grow. Investments and funding of these ideas put immense pressure on the need to accelerate development and time-to-market, often assuming that development resources are abundant and available at a time of scaling.

Unique market conditions, such as those in hyper-technical markets (San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Etc.), are making it difficult for early-stage companies to compete for manpower. Due to the inherent benefits associated with nearshoring software development, the practice has gained enormous traction and is becoming a popular work-around to the challenges of traditional hiring. Nearshore partners like Density Labs not only provide a stable pool of capable developers when needed, but also ensure the right fit for your team with our acute focus on the key soft skills (4Cs).

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Density Labs has a workplace where you can grow, learn and get professional development opportunities. We have a highly collaborative environment and we are focused on delivering the best products possible for our clients. We like to keep our people happy and to maintain a relaxed work environment. We are in constant growth, always in search of more collaborators.

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