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Talks 2 Code: Best Place To Code secrets for building high-performance software.

During the course of 10 conferences, we learned from the best places to work in technology (Best Place To Code) how to build high-quality software, on time and with harmonious teamwork.

Before COVID-19, we had the opportunity to meet face-to-face and interact directly with accredited Best Place To Code companies in real life at Showcases in different cities like Guadalajara, Monterrey and Mexico City. In fact, the last showcase held before the quarantine was the Mexico City Showcase.

Continuing fully virtual, Best Place To Code presented Talks 2 Code, a series of talks given by accredited companies, where employees from each company shared tips and best practices on how to build high-quality software, on time and with a harmonious team environment.

2 days, 10 companies, 10 talks.

The best thing about Talks 2 Code is that, in addition to being able to meet and be in direct contact with accredited companies, we also discovered the technologies, methodologies, culture, philosophies, and tips that have taken these companies to the next level.

For example, Luis Eduardo Estrada presented "DevOps, culture that improves coding quality and time" where he showed us how it is done at CONTPAQi and the benefits DevOps has brought them. And speaking of these best practices, Juan Tamariz from Tacit Knowledge shared what he learned during his stint in Silicon Valley: DevOps and the work environment that builds high-performance teams and software.

We also enjoyed more technical talks about integration testing with Docker in Azure DevOps (Rodolfo Ortiz from Simpat Tech), security and introduction to machine learning with AWS (Abraham Panduro and Oscar Quezada from iTexico) and building APIs that we are not going to hate (Mario Alberto Chávez and Lilia Bustillos from Michelada).

But, not everything is code. We take into account other aspects, like project management. Therefore, Enrique Egremy of Onephase told us about effective collaboration between the client's developers and your team. For his talk, Rubén Betancourt of Tango gave us an overview of how to estimate a new project and Enrique Poot from DotNET made it clear the importance of having a balance between quality and productivity in order to go into production.

We can not leave out the human side. Enrique Zamudio made a very interesting analogy between an orchestra and a team of developers to highlight the importance and role that each of the members have in Bitso. We also concluded that fullstack developers indeed do exist but that they carry with them an entire process, and Emmanuel Vera shared with us how Serti does full-stack development.

Many were looking for job openings, apart from the talks, at each of the companies. They didn’t disappoint and they shared their respective culture, benefits and more, so many of us wanted to know how to be part of their teams and in the Best Place To Code Slack we were able to find out more about current job offers.

Did you miss the live talks?

Although the talks were in the afternoon, for those of use who were still working and missed the sessions, no worries! They were recorded and are now available. Here is the playlist.