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Best Place to Code reveals the best companies to work for in technology in 2022

The best companies to work for tech 2022

Mexico, Mexico City, January 21, 2022. - The Best Place To Code program, operated by Software Guru, finally revealed the companies best evaluated by its own staff members, which have become the places where many want to work in 2022

“Despite the pandemic, we have noticed that many companies continue to strive and transform their culture in order to face the great challenge of attracting and retaining talent. Some have achieved it and that is why we see new names on this list”, said Mara Ruvalcaba, Operations Director at Software Guru.

On the other hand, Pedro Galván, director of Software Guru,  rebuttals that there are companies that have developed a bad reputation because these types of profitable practices do not exist within them. Despite this some companies have devoted themselves completely to listening to their staff and improving in all aspects. “We know that there are companies out there that are known for the negative comments made by their former staff members and when they see their names on lists like these they wonder why or think they have paid to appear. However, we have seen the changes they have implemented and, at least in the evaluation of Best Place To Code, the same employees are the ones who decide (confidentially) if a place is good to work at as an IT professional”, he stressed.

From the smallest businesses to the corporate companies

The evaluation period was carried out during the time frame between October-December of 2021 which, as shown below, allowed us to form and release the ranking of companies accredited as Best Place to Code.
The ranking is divided into five categories according to the type and size of the company.

ISV or Startup

Companies that build their own digital products, either to sell or as part of their core business.

  1. Obok (Hypercube)
  2. Platzi
  3. Lyft
  4. Creditas
  5. Grow It consulting
  6. Salesloft
  7. Skydropx
  8. Nowports
  9. Jelp App
  11. Telepro
  12. PolyWorks México
  13. Kata Software
  14. One Card
  15. BITAM


Technology consultants and digital agencies with 10 or less developers.

  1. Roomie IT
  2. Alluxi
  3. Órdico
  4. Onephase
  5. CG Systems


Technology consulting, custom software development, and team augmentation companies working with a range of 11 and 100 developers.

  1. Simpat Tech
  2. iNBest.cloud
  3. Scio Consulting
  4. Enkoder
  5. Grid Dynamics (antes Tacit Knowledge)
  6. Tango
  7. Htech
  8. michelada
  9. ClickIT DevOps
  10. IPCOM
  11. NT Group
  12. Neaxis People Tech (antes AMK Technologies)
  13. Intelimétrica
  14. Estrasol
  15. Mobiik
  16. Montechelo
  17. Aptude

🔼 Edicom ¡New!

🔼 PALO IT ¡New!

🔼 DaCodes ¡New!

Global Consulting

IT outsourcing and System Integration companies with more than 100 developers.

  1. Svitla Systems
  2. Nova by Reboot
  3. Luxoft
  4. Grupo GFT
  5. Improving 
  6. Hexaware


Companies belonging to diverse sectors that work with an organization of built-in technology to aid their business.

  1. Edenred

🔼 Honeywell ¡New!

🔼 PROSA ¡New!

Do you want to know more about each one? Find here the complete list of The Best Companies to Work for in Technology 2022.

Getting to know the Best Places To Code

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About Best Place To Code

It is an initiative of Software Guru to recognize companies in which we recommend collaborating with those who work in the areas of software and information technology. That is, an organization where it is a pleasure to work as an information technology professional, regardless of the size, location or sector of the company.

First of all, "Best place to code" is a seal of quality. It is a trademark registered by Software Guru, with which it accredits organizations that prove to be an attractive option for software developers.

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