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Meet the best companies to work in technology in 2021

Lista de las mejores empresas para trabajar en tecnología 2021

Best Place to Code: Meet the best companies to work in technology in 2021.

Mexico City, January 25, 2020 - Software Guru, the leading media and relationship agency for software developers in Latin America, released the 2021 list of organizations where it is a pleasure to work as an information technology professional, regardless of the size, location or sector of the company.

Hundreds of technology profiles were the ones who secretly and confidentially evaluated the company where they work. As there are minimum qualification levels necessary to pass, not all evaluated companies were accredited as Best Place to Code®.

“We know that 2020 was a very difficult year for many companies due to all the changes that were generated by the pandemic. However, several companies had already been transforming their culture and adapted faster than others. A clear example is remote work", commented Mara Ruvalcaba, COO at Software Guru.

Pedro Galván, CTO at Software Guru, assures that in recent years they have managed to make the evaluation mechanism the most transparent, reliable and practical. "Many people believe that the list is made up of companies that pay to appear but the reality is that not all companies that are evaluated obtain a passing grade.", he claimed

It is well known that there are already other programs or recognitions about "best companies to work for", but Best Place to Code is distinguished precisely in this area by key aspects such as confidential evaluations that are carried out by the employees. 

5 categories for a fair comparison

Based on the evaluations carried out during October-December 2020, this is how the companies evaluated as Best Place to Code have been ranked. The ranking is divided into five categories according to the type and size of the company.

ISV or startup

Companies that build their own digital products, either to sell or as part of their core business.

  1. Grow IT
  2. Platzi
  3. Creditas
  4. Bitso
  5. Contpaqi
  6. OneCard
  7. BITAM


Technology consulting companies and digital agencies with 10 or less developers.

  1. Roomie IT
  2. Onephase
  3. Headspring
  4. Alluxi
  5. Ordico


Consulting Technology, custom software development, and team augmentation companies with between 11 and 100 developers.

  1. Aviada
  2. Enroute Systems
    Simpat Tech
  3. Estrasol
  4. michelada
  5. Tango
  6. AMK Technologies
  7. Tacit Knowledge
  8. Intelimétrica
  9. DotNET
  10. Scio Consulting
  11. NT Group
  12. Atalait
  13. Montechelo
  14. SERTI

Global Consulting

Technology outsourcing and systems integration companies, with more than 100 developers.

  1. Nova by Reboot
  2. Grupo GFT
  3. Svitla Systems
  4. Luxoft
  5. ITexico, an Improving company


Companies belonging to diverse sectors that have an internal technology organization to support their business.

  1. BBVA
  2. SkillForce MX
  3. Edenred

How do these companies develop software?

On February 10 and 11 the online event Talks 2 Code, will be held, this event will include a series of technical talks given by companies accredited as Best Place to Code.

During these talks, different companies that obtained accreditation will share their secrets and the best practices they use to develop software.

Registration is now open. For more information visit: https://bestplacetocode.com/es/Talks2Code-2021

Do not miss the news of this event through the social networks of Best Place to Code on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also join the Slack event to find out before anyone else and stay in touch with speakers, companies and colleagues attending Talks 2 Code.

About Best Place To Code
It is an initiative of Software Guru to recognize companies in which we recommend collaborating with those who work in the areas of software and information technology. That is, an organization where it is a pleasure to work as an information technology professional, regardless of the size, location or sector of the company.
First of all, "Best place to code" is a seal of quality. It is a trademark registered by Software Guru, with which it accredits organizations that prove to be an attractive option for software developers.

About Software Guru
Software Guru is the leading media and agency for software developers in Latin America. Through its publications, websites and events, it interacts monthly with more than 80 thousand Spanish-speaking software developers.